London Educational Games

is a company in formation.


Company Aims

The company aims are to develop and market interactive educational games for students of English as a Foreign Language. Additional we will promote and market other educational games for learning English, other languages or other subjects, in the U.K. and globally. We shall also promote and market complimentary (educational) services, software and devices.

Our Games - Starting with the core vocabulary learning game, other games become active when a determined level has been attained in the pertinent segments of vocabulary. i.e. the numbers must be learnt to an adequate level before the relevant Maths games will become available. Follow above link for details and explanations regarding first series of games.



As a result of visiting bett  over the past years, I have collated a list of conversations with a number of organisations, to host their software on our own platform, for our own use and for that of teachers and students of English.


VRT - As well as conversations with apple and google reps about their voice recognition technology, I had a further, very interesting conversation with the head of the U.K. office of nuance.   As well as Linguistech Solutions  about EZSpeak. 

Competition - There were a large number of enterprises promoting interactive games of which only a small number were of interest for intermediate students of English, and just a couple of any use to foreign beginner students of a young age. I have come to agreements with a couple of organisations for distributing their products and I am continuing discussions with a few more. Follow above link for details.

Other stuff - Video Conferencing for Learning , meeting upcoming, update pending.